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Splash and Go at Dover

by Dixie Haag | Posted on Saturday, May 4th, 2019

courtesy of Delaware State News

It’s the 50th anniversary of Dover International Speedway and the Fordham and Dominion Brewing Company released a Splash and Go Lager to commemorate it.  The beer is named after the pit strategy used by racing teams at Dover to survive the Monster Mile where they swing down pit road just for a splash of fuel and keep going.  The design on the can features Miles the Monster. 

According to a press release in January 2019, Dover International Speedway President and CEO Mike Tatoian said.

courtesy of Dover International Speedway

“The team at Fordham & Dominion Brewing Company has been great to work with on this project, and we’re excited to now see Splash & Go arrive in liquor stores, bars and restaurants this month – and in the hands of fans during our spring and fall race weekends.”

Fordham and Dominion lists the beer on their website with the following description “This light-bodied lager starts

off with malty notes, followed by gentle hops flavors that lead to a crisp and clean finish.”

While those watching around the country may not be able to get our hands on this particular lager, we can certainly

grab our favorite beer and settle in to watch our favorite drivers attack the Monster Mile at Dover this weekend. Cheers to some great racing at Dover!

About the Author

Dixie Haag is married to Mike Haag. She is a mother to two fantastic young people and a life-long educator.