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Beverages, Beer Cheese, and BINGO. . .Perfect for Daytona Day

by Dixie Haag | Posted on Saturday, February 17th, 2018


For those of us who couldn’t make it to Florida for the Daytona 500, the biggest race day of the year requires some festive food and drink options.  This year FOX dubbed Gordon Ramsey as official chef of Daytona Day.  Ramsey has created several mouthwatering options for Sunday’s festivities.  I’ve included the ones I’m doing below.  To see the full menu, go to Official Daytona Day Menu presented by Chef Gordon Ramsay. There are more. . .go check out the website!  I’ve also included the BINGO game published on the FOX website to play while you watch the race, eat food, and troll social media!


I’m going to round out my meal with my drinks of choice from last season, Sex on Daytona Beach and the Daytona 500, some tator tots (just regular frozen ones) with Ramsey’s dipping sauce, some regular pulled pork sliders (the prepackaged pulled pork on sweet slider buns) and a chocolate bundt cake (nothing fancy. . .just from the box).  So, I’ll go a little gourmet, but not all the way!  This girl needs to have time to sit in front of the TV and cheer on Chase Elliot and Kyle Busch!


Be sure to check out the BINGO cards too!  They are going to be so much fun during the race!

 Everything You Need For Daytona Day 2018

About the Author

Dixie Haag is married to Mike Haag. She is a mother to two fantastic young people and a life-long educator.

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