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On the Road to Beachier Times

by Dixie Haag | Posted on Saturday, February 20th, 2021

Here in Texas we just survived the #Snowpocalypse2021, and we are ready for some warmer weather! Watching the O’Reilly Auto Parts 253 at Daytona should do the trick to get us on the road to beachier times.  We will be pretending to be beachside in Daytona in the summer with some beach worthy drinks as we watch the NASCAR drivers hit the road course.  Nothing tastes more like the beach than some seriously fruity drinks, so we will be sipping up a variety of fun recipes. Feel free to join us in our escape to the beach, even if it is only in our minds and taste buds!

To feel like you’re really there, virtually visit the beach or the road course or both:

Daytona Beach

Photo courtesy of Visit Florida

Live WebCam at Daytona Beach




Daytona Beach

3 oz. Vodka

1 oz. peach puree

1 oz. raspberry puree

1 oz. lemonade

1 oz. orange juice

Pour all ingredients over ice.  Shake. Strain into your glass of choice.

modified from Easy Cocktail Recipes


Sex on Daytona Beach


A Day at the Beach

1 ounce coconut rum

3/4 ounce amaretto

4 ounces orange juice

2 dashes grenadine

Orange wedge, to garnish

Strawberry, to garnish

Shake the coconut rum, amaretto and orange juice in a cocktail shaker with ice.

Strain the contents of the shaker into an ice-filled highball glass.

Add the grenadine, garnish with the orange wedge and strawberry, and serve.

The Drink Kings


Pina Colada

2 parts rum

1 part coconut cream

3 parts pineapple juice

ice cream

modified from Wikipedia entry


Rum Runner

1 oz light rum

1 oz dark rum

1 oz banana liqueur

1 oz blackberry liqueur

1 oz orange juice

1 oz pineapple juice

Splash of Grenadine

Fruit to garnish

Combine all ingredients in a blender with two cups ice

Blend until smooth then serve in a hurricane glass with fruit garnish and a straw



Fuzzy Navel

3 ounces peach schnapps

3 ounces orange juice, freshly squeezed

Add the peach schnapps and orange juice into a highball glass over ice, and stir briefly to combine.

Garnish with an orange slice.


About the Author

Dixie Haag is married to Mike Haag. She is a mother to two fantastic young people and a life-long educator.