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Bayley Currey wins Pro Late Model race at Budweiser 250

by Jay Hallas | Posted on Sunday, April 24th, 2016

By JM Hallas

Kyle, TX. – It didn’t start out as your typical full moon night racing, but it turned out like it.

Central Texas Speedway hosted its second race of the season, the Budweiser 250, on the 3/8 mile D-shaped, semi-banked, paved oval just south of Austin. The schedule had a full racing card of Pro Late Models, Pro Modifieds, NAPA Trucks, Super Street Stocks, Fox’s Pizza Den Grand Stocks, Sport Compacts, plus the Lone Star Legacy Series, A-Line Auto Parts Dwarf Car Racing Series of Texas and the Texas Pro Sedans.

Drivers in the Pro Late Models, Pro Modifieds and Pro Sedans would run qualifying for starting positions after an invert draw. New for this weekend the NAPA Trucks and Super Street Stocks would line up by points average like the other regular classes.

Zach Knowles (Pro Late Models), Michael Kourkoubes (Pro Modifieds) and Randy Lee (Pro Sedans) were top qualifiers. The top two in Pro Late Models were separated by only 4/1,000th, Pro Modifieds by about 5/100th with Lee blistering the Pro Sedan field by over 6/10th.

Pro Late Model winner Bayley Currey rolls into Turn 1. Photo by JM Hallas

Pro Late Model winner Bayley Currey rolls into Turn 1. Photo by JM Hallas

Currey Conquers Pro Late Model Main

Young Bayley Currey added another win to his already impressive resume going flag to flag in the 50-lapper. Currey was chased throughout the race by Knowles who was on his bumper until midway. Saving his tires, Currey then motored away to an 8-car length advantage in the Premier Minerals, Chasco Constructors, Evo-Frac, 290 Wrecker, Walker Sport Fishing, Hamner powered, Lefthander Chassis.

Currey grabbed the lead at the start with Knowles, Bobby Teer jr., AJ Wernette and Allen Sampson falling in line. By lap 5 the top 3 had eased away while Wernette and Sampson battled for fourth. Sampson brought out the races only caution with spin while slugging it out with Wernette.

Currey held off Teer on the restart as he tried the outside on the ‘Madhouse” style restart. Knowles kept Teer hung high and retook second. Wernette had to retake fourth from DL Wilson who opted for the high side also. At the crossed flags it was Currey and Knowles, nose to tail, Teer, Wernette and Wilson in the top five.

Sampson fought back after restarting at the tail moving past Wilson for fifth and closing back on Wernette again. Sampson was able to go by Wernette without incident for fourth. Up front Currey had eased ahead of Knowles by several car lengths. Currey, who had saved his stuff, continued to hold a comfortable margin as the checkers waved.

“We had a good starting position, starting second,” commented Currey. “We were able to get a good run off turn 2 to get the lead and never looked back. I didn’t know about the moon, I have some superstitions, but I didn’t know about it until after the race so it was probably for the best.”

“With the “Madhouse” restarts you tell yourself you have get a good start. If the outside guy gets a better start they can pinch you off going into to turn 1 and hurt your run off turn 2. You don’t want to ride next to someone too long it will heat your tires up. We got a good run off turn 2 and took off.”

“It’s a lot of fun when we’re out there rubbing up against each other, but there’s good and bad to that. It was pretty fun tonight though, I had a good time. I was trying to save my tires early on. Once Zach (Knowles) started to gain on me I picked it up a little bit. I have my spotter telling me where he is. I think he may have hurt his tires trying to catch up.”

Pro Late Models

05 Bayley Currey, 51 Zach Knowles, 2t Bobby Teer jr., 1 Allen Sampson, 37 AJ Wernette, 5 Steven Buchanan, 2 Davin Cravens, 45 DL Wilson, 17 David Lewis

Pro Late Model Qualifying

51z Zach Knowles, 14.548, 05 Bayley Currey, 14,552, 2t Bobby Teer jr., 14.712, 2 Davin Cravens 14.822, 1 Allen Sampson, 14.996, 37 AJ Wernette, 15.399, 45 DL Wilson, 15.514, 5 Steven Buchanan, 15.546, 17 David Lewis, 15.952

Pro Modified winner Brian Moczygemba powers out of Turn 2. Photo by JM Hallas

Pro Modified winner Brian Moczygemba powers out of Turn 2. Photo by JM Hallas

Moczygemba Masters Modified Main

In a race that about saw it all, numerous yellows and restarts, cars running out of fuel and some aerobatics, Brian Moczygemba went home with the hardware. Did I mention a full moon, Moczygemba led the entire 50 circuits, but fought off challenges from Ryan Luza, Michael Kourkoubes and Logan Bearden at different points.

On the first attempt to get the 19-car Pro Modified feature under way Luza beat Moczygemba off of turn 2, but Jason Marshall stopped on track for a complete restart. This time Moczygemba got a big jump on Luza, who may have missed a shift. Luza fell in line second with Kourkoubes, Bob Slezinsky and Donnie Kelly in the top five.

Kelly picked off fourth from Slezinsky but Chris Swenson and Craig Sellman made contact that saw Marshall go around in the stack up for yellow on lap 2. Moczygemba got away on the restart while Luza and Kourkoubes battled for second. Kelly retook fourth from Slezinsky bringing Bearden along to fifth. Anthony Monroe brought out a lap 6 yellow with a solo spin.

Shortly back under green Monroe again looped it, ending his night. On the restart Bearden used the high side to move to third behind Moczygemba and Luza with Kelly getting past Kourkoubes. Action was slowed again when Marshall and Chris Schild made contact sending Schild off turn 3 into the weeds. John Paul Kliewer slid off the track trying avoid Marshall.

Bearden again tried the top, but fell back in line third while Luza was putting the bumper on Moczygemba for the lead. Lap 17 saw Scooter Bates go around shooting Christopher Hogan out in the tullies. Slezinsky and Paul White made contact coming to the yellow collecting Swenson and ending his night.

Moczygemba got clear on green with Bearden and Luza wheel to wheel, and Marshall coming back to fifth. Luza finally secured the spot as Kliewer got past White for sixth. At halfway and Luza had pulled away from Bearden, Kourkoubes and Marshall. Kelly slowed and stopped bringing out a yellow that set off a string of yellows forcing officials to start counting caution laps.

Under yellow Luza slowed after running out of fuel, one of the restarts saw Kourkoubes get launched over the nose of Marshall. Surprisingly both were able to continue. Finally going to green flag racing, Bearden again was trying the top. He and Moczygemba rubbed wheels sending Moczygemba sideways in turn 4. He was able to regain control and maintain the lead.

With five to go Moczygemba had gotten a bit of breathing room on Bearden, but the man on the move was Luza charging back after pitting for fuel. Luza picked off second from Bearden with two to go, but Moczygemba was now clear and coming to the white flag. Moczygemba kept the margin taking the win in the Premier Minerals, Aramendia Plumbing, GT Sirizzotti Excavating, RPM Equipment, BMF Shocks, All In Designs, McGunegill powered, BMF Chassis.

“That 50 laps felt like 125 laps to be honest,” said Moczygemba. “We had a good field of 19 cars, which is good for Central Texas (Speedway) and great for the fans. But, when there’s that many cars on a 3/8 mile track that kind of wild stuff is going to happen. We had lots of cautions and luckily we were able to battle through them all. We’ll take it home and work on it. I don’t know if the best car won tonight, but we’ll take it. Full moon tonight.”

“I try not to let things like a full moon get in my mind. I just try to go out there with the same mindset every race. Just do the best you can, take care of your car and hopefully come out with the win. A lot of racers are superstitious, I have mine, but a full moon isn’t one of them.”

“”Ryan (Luza) was on my bumper for nearly the whole race until he ran out of fuel. It crossed my mind for second, did we get it full, but we topped it off. To run out that much in a 50 lap race on a 3/8 mile track, is pretty much unheard of and I don’t know what they’re doing on their car.”

“On any given night anyone can win. That’s what great about this Modified class. There’s probably about ten guys that can do it. Logan (Bearden) was racing me hard near the end. I think he has a built motor and could pull me a bit on the restarts and try to pinch me down and mess up my (corner) entry. Once we got going I felt my car was a little better than his on long runs. With the restart box you can do them different every time and keep them from getting a rhythm on me.”

“There’s a lot of hard racing going on back there in the pack. I’ve been back there before too so I’m surprised at some of the carnage. I’ve got my nephew(Vinnie Aramendia) back there, so I’m always concerned when I come back around I look to make he wasn’t involved and was alright. Hopefully no one got torn up too bad and they can make it back next race.”

Pro Modifieds

50 Brian Moczygemba, 5 Ryan Luza, 66 Logan Bearden, 22 John Paul Kleiwer, 12 Scooter Bates, 14 Jason Marshall, 7 Chris Schild, 03v Memphis Villarreal, 81 Christopher Hogan, 2 Paul White, 79 Vinnie Aramendia, 26 Bob Slezinsky, 4 Michael Kourkoubes, 03 Donnie Kelly, 48 Chris Swenson, 99 Cole Miller, 98 Anthony Monroe, 38 Craig Sellman, 8 Adam Schwartz

Pro Modified Qualifying

4 Michael Kourkoubes, 15.049, 50 Brian Moczygemba, 15.103, 5 Ryan Luza, 15.252, 26 Bob Slezinsky, 15.274, 38 Craig Sellman, 15.288, 03 Donnie Kelly, 15.335, 14 Jason Marshall, 15.385, 48 Chris Swenson, 15.509, 66 Logan Bearden, 15.513, 03v Memphis Villarreal, 15.618, 7 Chris Schild, 15.635, 22 John Paul Kliewer, 15.754, 12s Scooter Bates, 15.792, 2 Paul White, 15.899, 79 Vinnie Aramendia, 15.914, 81 Christopher Hogan, 15.915, 98 Anthony Monroe, 16.383, 99 Cole Miller, 16.590

NAPA Truck winner Adam Haugh celebrates his win. Photo by JM Hallas

NAPA Truck winner Adam Haugh celebrates his win. Photo by JM Hallas

Haugh Happy with NAPA Truck Tally

Adam Haugh was in the right place, right time only taking some slight damage on a restart to get the lead from Jesse Salazar, who got turned on lucky lap 13. Haugh then slowly eased away in the waning laps in his Longhorn Driving School, Cedar Park Lock & Key, McGunegill crate powered, TRC Chassis to a half straightaway advantage and his fourth NAPA Truck win.

As the NAPA Truck field of fourteen took the green Robert Stewart led lap 1 as the inside line took off. Behind Stewart were Salazar, Jake Wright, Rick Pollaro and Michelle Reininger. Stewart’s lead was short-lived as he had problems giving up the lead to Salazar with Pollaro, Cary Stapp and Mason Teague freight training Wright.

By lap 5 the top five were nose to tailgate before Stapp slipped inside Pollaro for second. Teague then got by Pollaro with Haugh following to fourth. Stapp then slipped up the track giving Teague the opening for second as Wright retook a spot from Pollaro. Stapp again slipped on lap 11 sending the field scattering in turn 2 and safety crews out under yellow looking for fluid.

Shortly after the restart Teague got into Salazar sending him around in front of the field. Salazar collected Stapp and Wright with Haugh spinning, taking slight damage, but staying under power. Several drivers pitted, and Teague was sent to the rear after a trip to the pits.

Since Haugh never stopped on track he inherited the lead with Wright alongside on the restart. The two stayed door to door while Michael Villarreal, Chance Nesloney and Salazar were three wide mid-pack. Coming to halfway the top five were now Haugh, Wright, Pollaro, Brandon Leonard and Salazar rebounding back up.

Pollaro and Wright made contact on lap 17 battling for second sending Wright around for a yellow. After a series of restarts it was Haugh and Salazar now fighting for the lead while Stapp was working his way back up. The multi-time track champ, Stapp, saw his night end on lap 20 when problems sidelined him.

Haugh was now easing away with ten to go leaving Salazar and Leonard, who had a gap back to Wright and Nesloney. As the laps clicked off Haugh increased his margin and as the white flag was shown, Haugh had motored ahead to nearly a half straightaway, an advantage that he held to the checkers.

“It was pretty fun,” said Haugh. “I wasn’t sure how they were doing the line ups. It was tough to decide what to do the first few laps after starting on the outside. The inside line was just taking spots and I dropped back several spots. I just held in there and finally got on the inside and started picking them off. My truck had real good drive off turn 2, that’s where we pulled everyone. Having that advantage helped a lot.”

“I really don’t know how I missed that wreck. I could see it coming with Mason (Teague) getting into the back of (Jesse) Salazar. I went up half a lane and they just barely nicked the left rear quarter. I did a 360, saw trucks coming toward me, they all missed me and I kept going. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky, than good.”

“With these “Madhouse” restarts it really plays into what you do. If the guy on the outside is experienced they can hold you down and pinch you in the corner. If you respect them and not bump them it hard to get that jump off the corner. Then you have the third place guy knocking on your bumper because you’re slowing up. Luckily on the later restarts no one was able to do that.”

“This coming weekend we’re taking the truck back to Pensacola. We were there a couple weeks ago, qualified fifth and finished fourth out of 20 trucks. This is a cool class, everyone is close on what they have so it’s all about set up. You don’t see a lot of guys walking away. It makes it really cool.”

NAPA Trucks

12 Adam Haugh, 18 Jesse Salazar, 05 Brandon Leonard, 48 Jake Wright, 51 Chance Nesloney, 14 Michelle Reininger, 79 Michael Villarreal, 6 Nelson Dees, 99 Cary Stapp, 96 Rick Pollaro, 31 Chase Havely, 16 Mason Teague, 84 Sam Sovey, 32 Robert Stewart

Dillon Sampson (81) passes Robert Walton in Super Street Stock practice. Photo by JM Hallas

Dillon Sampson (81) passes Robert Walton in Super Street Stock practice. Photo by JM Hallas

Spreen Sneaks Super Street Stock Spoils

Dillon Spreen, in his All In Designs, AAA Foundation Repair, Spreen Racing Engines and Performance, Oval Components Chassis, hung around the top five all race, cut his brother Brandon a break on a couple restarts, for some good karma. In the final laps he then slugged it out, literally and figuratively, with Robert Barker, who was coming back from the tail, for the win in a wild 25-lapper.

The start of the 17-car, 25 lap Super Street Stock feature was a sign of things to come. Hunter Montgomery got out front trailed by Jeff Wills, Mike Pollaro, Robert Walton and Trent Beaver. Coming to complete lap 1 it appeared Wills got loose off turn 4. Walton checked up to avoid Wills stacking up the field. Pollaro got turned clipping Barker sending him into the wall.

Barker and a couple others pitted for repairs, but Walton was done for the night. As racing resumed it was still Montgomery on point with Pollaro, B. Spreen, D. Spreen, Wills and Clint Lafont in pursuit. By lap 5 the top eight were nose to tail while Barker cracked the top ten after pitting. Pollaro slipped on lap 6 falling from second to seventh.

Just as B. Spreen got alongside Montgomery for the lead, Beaver spun after contact with Matthew Villarreal. On the restart Villarreal spun and collected Robert Mayberry with Sterling Tausch spinning to miss them. The next restart saw Montgomery jump out with D. Spreen letting B. Spreen down from the outside a second time. Thanks bro.

It wasn’t long until yellow waved again for Beaver who slowed and stopped on the back straight. Back to green with Montgomery getting away this time D. Spreen said it was time to go and didn’t cut brother any slack taking second while Barker got past Pollaro for fifth. At the midway point it was Montgomery, D. Spreen, B. Spreen, Lafont and Barker.

Spreen ducked under Montgomery to snag the lead on lap 14, B. Spreen followed with Lafont and Barker moving to third and fourth. Lafont then grabbed second from B. Spreen bringing Barker along to third. Lafont was putting pressure on D. Spreen for the lead first looking high, then low, then knocking on the bumper. Montgomery looped it in turn 4 for a lap 20 caution with Wills going around to avoid him.

Barker picked the outside for the restart and five lap shootout. The two stayed side by for a lap until Barker got an opening to get to the bottom. Barker then tried to get the nose under D. Spreen and was bump drafting on the straightaway. Ok, maybe not. On the final lap Barker forced the nose inside in turns 1-2, D. Spreen fought back in turns 3-4 holding Barker down. The two ran side by side to the checkers with D. Spreen winning by about a fender.

“We weren’t even supposed to run this car tonight,” exclaimed Spreen. “We brought the Modified out here last night for practice but broke the oil pump. We didn’t hurt the motor, but didn’t want to chance a quick repair. We went back and got the Super Street Stock and it’s still pretty much set up the way we ran it last year when we were here.”

“Ya, I cut my brother some slack on a couple of those restarts letting him get back down to the bottom. On the third one it was time for me to go so I had to take the spot while I could.”

“Robert (Barker) is always the class of the field out so anytime you can beat him is good. I could feel him back there and when he got the nose inside he tried to force me up the track. I wasn’t going to finish second again so coming through turn 3, and off turn 4 I pinched him back down and was able to beat him back to the line.”

Super Street Stocks

81 Dillon Spreen, 17 Robert Barker, 112 Clint Lafont, 88 Brandon Spreen, 69 Mike Pollaro, 12 Kelly Reininger, 15 Hunter Montgomery, 20 Jeff Wills, 9m Marcus Mikulencak, 42 Tommy Casey, 21 Robert Mayberry, 9 Steve Rojas, 95 Sterling Tausch, 14 Trent Beaver, 33 Matthew Villarreal, 8 Ed Thompson, 10 Robert Walton

Grand Stock winner Scott Nester drives into Turn 3. Photo by JM Hallas

Grand Stock winner Scott Nester drives into Turn 3. Photo by JM Hallas

Nester wins Grand Stock race

Scott Nester would go wire to wire in the 20-lap Grand Stock feature, but it wasn’t easy. At the start Brandon McCall beat Nester into turn 1, but it was Nester off turn 2 with the lead. Evan Lambert tagged the wall hard in turn 4 to bring out a yellow. On the next start, Nester jumped out first with Sean Folsom getting second, McCall, Lawrence “I’ll drive anything” Mikulencak and Stephen Lightsey on his tail.

The lead trio pulled away early then lost McCall as he faded mid-race. Ivan Winningham brought out a yellow on lap16 with a lazy spin. Nester got away on the restart leaving Folsom and McCall banging doors. Mikulencak capitalized on that and snuck past for second in the final laps. Up front it was Nester in the Earl Scheib Paint & Body, Lohman Racing, Chevy with breathing room at the finish.

Fox’s Pizza Den Grand Stocks

71 Scott Nester, 50 Lawrence Mikulencak, 3 Sean Folsom, 14 Brandon McCall, 79 John Wasik, 54 Stephen Lightsey, 46 Ivan Winningham, 56 Bob Caulfield, 83 Evan Lambert

Sport Compact winner Jim Teague runs through Turn 2. Photo by JM Hallas

Sport Compact winner Jim Teague runs through Turn 2. Photo by JM Hallas

Teague tops Sport Compacts

Jim Teague got the opportunity to drive his wife’s racecar, and made the best of it in the 20-lap Sport Compact feature. As green waved, Daniel Zajac grabbed the early lead pursued by Shelby Huff, Gordon Dowdy, Alyson Dorken and David Kobierowski. Dorken got by Dowdy for third with Teague making a ‘pass in the grass’ for fourth. Behind them Eric Wilson, Dowdy and Richard Fitch tried three wide for fifth.

Teague ran down the lead duo nearing halfway with the top four now nose to tail. Zajac and Huff went side by side for the lead while Teague got third from Dorken. Huff led at the line on lap 11. Teague dispatched with Zajac for second as Fitch joined the lead group. Teague then began putting the heat, and bumper on Huff for the lead.

Jamie Garner was next to grab the tail of the lead pack getting by Dorken for fifth. With two to go Huff, Teague and Zajac were playing bumper tag down the front stretch. On the final lap Teague gave Huff rap in turn 2 that sent Huff off the back straight. Teague then held off Zajac and Fitch coming back to the checkers, snaring the victory.

Sport Compacts

1 Jim Teague, 42 Daniel Zajac, 07 Richard Fitch, 33 Jamie Garner, 43 Alyson Dorken, 2 Russell Vickery, 76 Eric Wilson, 47 Dan Hartwick, 71 Chris Wetz, 51 Brett Schneider, 7 Kris Wilson, 27 David Kobierowski, 11 Shelby Huff, 54 Ty Hymel, 63 Gordon Dowdy, 26 Nicole Wells

Texas Pro Sedan winner Randy Lee in Victory Lane. Photo by JM Hallas

Texas Pro Sedan winner Randy Lee in Victory Lane. Photo by JM Hallas

Lee wins Texas Pro Sedans race

About the only thing that would have stopped James Lee from winning the 25-lap Texas Pro Sedan was breakage, or a boat anchor, and neither happened. Lee jumped out front on green with James Hogan and Sergio Hexsel side by side for second followed by Lalo Leal and Mike Knotts. Hogan got the spot while Hexsel fell back to fourth behind Leal.

Even in traffic Lee was stretching out his margin, with former and defending TPS champ Hexsel regaining third. Hexsel ran down Hogan, whose car began to misfire and snagged the second spot back. By this time Lee was halfway to San Marcos on his way to the victory unchallenged.

Texas Pro Sedans

30 James Lee, 20 Sergio Hexsel, 1 James Hogan, 77 Mike Knotts, 26 Lalo Leal, 28 Lisa Sandoval, 25 Bob Sherland, 10 Bruce Mabrito, 81 Cesar Garrido jr., 94 Ozzy Osburn—dns, 59 Allen Garrido—dns

TPS Qualifying

30 Randy Lee, 16.600, 20 Sergio Hexsel, 17.236, 1 James Hogan, 17.348, 26 Lalo Leal, 17.629, 77 Mike Knotts 17.728, 28 Lisa Sandoval, 18.142, 81 Cesar Garrido jr., 18.448, 10 Bruce Mabrito, 19.352, 25 Bob Sherland, 19.751, 94 Ozzy Osburn, 21.524

Allen Sampson (01) gets ready to go three wide with Colt Mize (15) and Taylor Barclay (19) in Lone Star Legacy practice. Photo by JM Hallas

Allen Sampson (01) gets ready to go three wide with Colt Mize (15) and Taylor Barclay (19) in Lone Star Legacy practice. Photo by JM Hallas

Sampsons secures win in Lone Star Legacy Series action

James Remore got the early lead in the Lone Star Legacy Series 20 lapper trailed by Allen Sampson, Gabriel Fogg, Jaida Simental and Colt Mize. Sampson ducked under Remore on lap 7 and took over the point on lap 8. Fogg followed Sampson by for second with the top two pulling away. As they stretched it out the battle was on for fourth between Simental, C. Mize, Alexis Leone and Matt Yevcak. Sampson had a no problem outdistancing Fogg to take the win.

Lone Star Legacy Series

01 Allen Sampson, 10 Gabriel Fogg, 7 James Remore, 15 Colt Mize, 23 Alexis Leone, 48 Matt Yevcak, 37 Jaida Semental, 63 Brad Harden, 19 Taylor Barcley, 51 Rocky Mize—DNS

Casey Smith returned to his roots, so-to-speak, and made it pay in the 25-lap Dwarf Car Racing Series of Texas feature. After one aborted start, track announcer turned driver, Rodney Rodriguez got out front of the 24-car field. Jerry young began chasing Rodriguez while, Rusty Young and Smith, who had to start near the tail with no previous points, used the high side to go forward.

A multi-car tangle with five to go set up the finish with Smith using the high line on the restart to blast past J. Young and Rodriguez. Once out front Smith, now a Late Model pilot, was “gone, in sixty seconds.” Smith left Rodriguez, J. Young, R. Young and Drew Simental battling for the runner-up spot, as he easily cruised to the victory.

A-Line Dwarf Car Racing Series of Texas

99 Casey Smith, 18 Jerry Young, 37 Drew Simental, 4 Rodney Rodriguez, 88 Rusty Young, 12 Dillon Coyne, 6 James Fitzgerald, 27 Butch Havelka, 14 Dwain Groff, 3 Kevin Hubbard, 15 Ty Paxson, 30 Billy Groff, 85 Chris Silvas sr., 8 Russell Rust, 25 Dylan Budnik, 44 Bradley Hall, 42 Tyler Folkerts, 5 Jim Kritkos, 16 Lyle Bonnett, 51 Jim Martin, 86 Chris Silvas jr., 72 Arden Vikre, 20 Ryan Stoy, 39 Matt Goulias

DCRST Heat winners: 8 Russell Rust, 18 Jerry Young, 99 Casey Smith

The 15-lap Bandolero feature saw Levi Dubeau and Kade Brown check out on the others from the drop of the green. Brown kept the pressure on Dubeau the entire duration but never could find an opening or force Dubeau into making a mistake. Dubeau took the checkers by only a car length, adding his second win of the season.


84 Levi Dubeau, 99 Kade Brown, 33 Cole Tipton, 34 Camryn Chadwick, 260 Conner Chadwick.



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